Water Line Repair

Outdoor photo of burst pipe spraying water.Water service lines deliver fresh, clean water directly to your home. This single supply line travels beneath your property from the water main near the street to the point where it enters your home. Generally, this line will be metered on the inside of your home before it is then dispersed throughout the plumbing. Although these lines will typically work perfectly for years, over time, aging and environmental conditions can cause deterioration and damage to them. High water pressure, freeze-thaw cycles, ground settlement, and invasive tree roots are just a few other factors that may play a role. Recurring wet areas in your yard, drops in water pressure, or a discoloration of your water are usually good indicators that you may have a water line issue.


Leaks on the inside of your home are usually visible and relatively easy to find. Determining the origin of the leak on the outside of your home may be a little more challenging. Things to look for in this case are sunken or eroded areas of ground, damp sidewalks or driveways, or damp areas in your yard with lush sections of grass. Once the leak is found, then the proper repair can be made.


In most cases, only small sections of the water service lines are damaged and in need of repair. The faulty sections of line are removed and replaced with the appropriate size and type of material according to code. Water service lines from the water main to your home range anywhere between ¾ to 2 inches in diameter and could be made of plastic, copper, or galvanized iron pipe. The type of material and size of the service line are determined by local municipal code.


Once installed, a pressure test on the water service will be conducted to verify that the issue has been properly resolved. Once a final inspection is performed by your local water service provider, the repair will be backfilled and all efforts will be made to restore your property.