Window Wells

Outdoor photo of window well along outside of house.Window wells can add value and curb appeal to your home while transforming your basement into a more comfortable living space. They allow more natural light and ventilation in while providing a safe means of egress which is required by building codes in some cases.


When installed as a means of egress, they must meet certain requirements in order to be code compliant. Those requirements are:


  • Window wells must allow for the egress window to be opened fully.
  • Window wells must have a minimum 36 inch width and a minimum 36 inch length floor area resulting in 9 square feet of clearance in the bottom of the well.
  • Window wells that are 40 inches or deeper require permanently affixed ladders or steps that are at least 12 inches wide and within 18 inches of the well floor.
  • A minimum of 48 inches of clearance is required when window wells are located beneath decks on a home.


When installed properly, window wells will keep soil and water away from foundation windows. Proper drainage is critical during the installation process. If the well does not drain properly, then excess water can collect and leak through the window. The floor of the window well is filled with clean stone to allow the water to percolate down to the exterior drainage system and be conducted away. The use of polycarbonate well covers also help to keep water and debris out of the well preventing possible drainage issues. Window wells deeper than 4 feet should employ these covers or optional steel grates as a means to protect against accidental falls into the well.



With a wide selection of styles and sizes to meet individual needs coupled with built in safety features that meet code requirements, we certainly have the perfect Rockwell Window Well to compliment any home!