As water builds around the foundation of your home, it results in hydrostatic pressure. This pressure will find and manipulate any weak points in your home’s exterior waterproofing, resulting in a wet basement.

A: In most cases, a waterproofing membrane is spray applied on your foundation walls to work in conjunction with an exterior drain tile system. This allows the moisture to run down the walls to the drain tile where it will then be conducted away, relieving the hydrostatic pressure and chances of moisture infiltrating your basement.

Hydrostatic pressure beneath your floor slab is forcing water to the surface. The installation of an interior drain tile system will relieve this pressure and conduct the water away.

While both systems are designed to conduct water away from your foundation, installing an interior drain tile system is a much more cost effective approach in existing homes rather than excavating the entire foundation in order to install an exterior system. In some cases, however, an exterior system may be the correct lasting solution. It is important to consider all factors involved with the moisture issue before making a final determination as to which system to install.

No. We are able to repair the crack with an epoxy or foam injection from the inside of your basement. The injection is under pressure that will push the repair material all the way through the crack to the outside of the wall.

The installation of a quality dehumidifier should handle the damp feeling as well as the smell. Further investigation should be performed to ensure that there are no underlying moisture concerns.

Keep your gutters clean and your downspouts free flowing for starters. Also, fill in any low spots to correct the grade away from your foundation and ensure that your downspouts extend at least 4 feet or as far as possible.

Yes! Improper grading away from the foundation of your home is one of the main sources of many leaking basements. Water that is left to pool around your foundation will filter down through the soil and add to the hydrostatic pressure against your foundation walls.

An Emeseal Crawl Space Encapsulation System will result in additional clean, dry, usable square footage suitable for storage. This system provides an airtight seal against pests and moisture infiltration in your crawl space.

This is a result of the hydrostatic pressure against your foundation walls. We are able to stabilize the walls with the use of steel I-beams. We will then repoint the mortar joints. All relevant factors that initially caused this issue should be addressed as well.

Chances are that you have a damaged or broken water line. The additional saturation of the soil around your foundation will cause your drainage system to work harder.

No. That is why we highly recommend supplementing your sump system with a battery back-up. When your sump pump loses power or experiences mechanical failure, the battery back-up will take over, keeping your basement dry.

The installation of a window well will certainly transform your basement into a more comfortable living space by allowing more natural light and ventilation in. It is important to be aware, however, that the construction of any bedrooms or habitable spaces in your basement will require an appropriate “means of egress” or egress window in addition to the window well. This is required by code to ensure that there is an adequate escape route in place in the event of emergency situations such as fires as well as providing rescue personnel with a way to enter the lower level of your home.