Concrete is one of the most durable and widely utilized building materials in the world. Annual concrete usage doubles that of all other building materials combined. When properly installed, concrete continues to gain strength over time and has a much longer life expectancy than most other materials. Coupled with the fact that it requires far less maintenance than other materials, building with concrete is a clear, affordable alternative.

As Preferred Basement Solutions is a division of Shepherd Excavating, Inc. – Dublin, Ohio’s premier poured wall foundation companies – we have been in the concrete business for many years. Our skilled team of contractors have the experience necessary to handle all of your concrete building needs. In addition to our foundation footer and wall packages, we also offer professional concrete solutions to include:

  • Basement Slabs
  • Garage Slabs
  • Porch Slabs
  • Patio Slabs
  • Service Walks
  • City Walks, Curbs, and Approaches
  • Driveways and Driveway Extensions
  • Utility/ Service Door Pads
  • Parking Lot Repairs

Concrete options have advanced significantly over the years. You are no longer limited to ordinary gray concrete as color can be added to the mix integrally with the list of shades to choose from never being greater.

Stamped and exposed aggregate concrete are other options that will further enhance the beauty of your home. Aside from being cost effective over alternative materials such as pavers or natural stone, stamped concrete provides texture that looks realistic and is far more durable. Exposed aggregate concrete not only leaves a highly decorative finish, but is also skid resistant, wears very well, and stands up to even the most extreme weather.


At Preferred Basement Solutions, concrete is a big part of our business. We take pride in the quality of our work and are ready to provide you with the best finished product possible, adding value and beauty to your home!


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    Water plays a critical role in the production of concrete. It not only forms a paste that binds the cement and aggregates together, but is also what causes the hardening of the concrete through a process known as hydration. After this initial process, however, water becomes far less beneficial to concrete and can actually cause problems such as cracking, heaving, and spalling.

    Crystal Lok is a water based concrete penetrating sealer, formulated to waterproof, damp proof, seal, and protect the natural appearance and profile of Portland cement based concrete. It works by penetrating concrete, and in the presence of water, causes crystals to form within the pores, capillaries, voids, and hairline cracks to create waterproof concrete with zero permeability. Crystal Lok protects concrete against water seepage, freeze-thaw spalling, efflorescence, and the absorption of liquids to include: water, oils, acids, ores, fuels, and chloride ion salt intrusions.


    At Preferred Basement Solutions, we first consider all factors and possible solutions to your home’s waterproofing concerns before making any recommendations. Crystal Lok works equally well on new or aged concrete. Properly applied, this treatment is a lasting solution and will keep your concrete in good condition for years to come!