Sewer Line Repair

Photo of inside of sewer pipe.There are two main parts of any sewage system. The “main” line connects to a septic tank or to a public sewer stub at the property line and carries sewage to the treatment plant. The “lateral” line is the line that connects a property to the main line. It is the property owner’s responsibility to repair and maintain the lateral line.

Sewer lines have the potential to fail for a number of reasons with invasive tree roots being the most common. If tree roots are found to cause a clog or stoppage, then it is indicative that there is a hole, crack, or separation in the pipe. Tree roots can travel great distances in their search for moisture and will enter even the smallest crack or hole in your sewer line. Degraded or corroded pipes, blockages, and pipes that have separated or have leaking joints are also common causes resulting in failure of the system.

Indications that your sewer line is experiencing problems would include but are not limited to:

  • Water backed up on the floor around the floor drain
  • Gurgling in lower level toilets or floor drains
  • The smell of raw sewage coming from the drains
  • Having to have the line cleaned more than once every two years

Your home’s sanitary system may even be experiencing problems without any indications being present. Sewage lines can be 50% to 90% blocked with no indications that there is a problem under normal use. A sudden increase in usage under these circumstances, such as around the holidays or during large gatherings, may overwhelm the system resulting in back-ups, making it quite clear that there is an issue.

Video Pipeline Inspection

The traditional method of repairing a damaged or blocked sewage line is to “trench” or “open cut” the yard in order to gain access to the affected portion of pipe. Other methods of repair such as “pipe relining” and “pipe bursting” are “trenchless” repairs that require no digging, resulting in a far less invasive solution to the issue. The easiest way to locate and identify the source of the problem is with a video pipeline inspection. During this process a camera on the end of a flexible cable is ran down your branch lines, or the pipes that lead from bathtubs and faucets to the house’s sewer line, enabling the technician to get an up-close detailed look at what problems exist in the system. This non-destructive process of inspection is far less intrusive than systematically digging up your yard to locate the problem.

At Preferred Basement Solutions, we will thoroughly inspect your sanitary system to locate and evaluate the source of the issue. Once determined, we will recommend the appropriate repair method for your particular situation. It is our goal to provide you with the correct lasting solution and a quality repair!