Sump Pumps

Isolated image of Wayne Pumps sump pump.Most homeowners understand that the sump pump is the heart of the basement waterproofing system. It is designed to keep basements and crawl spaces dry by pumping out the water that accumulates around or beneath the foundation of your home due to rising groundwater or surface runoff. Accumulated water can cause a variety of problems to the interior of your home as well as promote the growth of mold, mildew, and fungus. This illustrates the importance of installing a quality sump pump in your home that is equipped with all the necessary components to ensure their reliability.



Assembled in the U.S., Wayne Pumps feature top suction pump design which eliminates air locks and clogging from debris in the bottom of the sump pit. With a vertical float switch for automatic operation, Wayne Pumps have a flow rate capable of pumping up to 4,200 GPH.

Isolated image of Wayne Pumps back-up system.

In order to have a truly “worry-free” sump pump, we recommend complimenting your system with a 12 volt battery back-up system. In the event that the power goes out or your primary pump is rendered inoperable due to mechanical failure or some other problem, you can rest easy knowing that your system has not been compromised!


With a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty, Wayne Pumps are a clear solution for your home’s waterproofing system’s needs! Please fill out our contact form for a FREE estimate and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.