Wall Treatments

Photo of basement wall with shiny wall coating added.When most people think of ways or areas in which to improve their homes, the basement walls are usually not very high on the list. Most basements are overlooked or disregarded unless an issue arises that is in need of a repair. Fact is, even unfinished basements can be transformed into bright, attractive areas of your home by simply applying a wall treatment. This could make all the difference when selling your home as a potential buyer’s overall impression could be greatly influenced by the appearance of this space. In some cases, a particular wall treatment may be a necessary solution to a basement issue. Walls that are damaged, cracked, or leaking may require additional repairs before a treatment can be applied.


There are a variety of different products on the market today to handle most any situation. A few examples of these products include:


  • Cementitious coatings that can eliminate surface irregularities
  • Acrylic latex coatings that are specially formulated to build up a uniform textured appearance.
  • Epoxy resin coatings that can produce protective damp proofing vapor barriers
  • Moldicides that can eliminate molds and bacteria
  • Crystalline treatments that have the ability to waterproof and seal concrete


Whether you are dealing with moisture infiltration on your walls or are simply trying to brighten them up and make the area more attractive, Preferred Basement Solutions can help you determine the best solution for any situation. We have the necessary products and skills to repair or revitalize your basement walls regardless of their current condition.